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With our insulating wool DuoBio, SCHÜTTE can offer you an innovative and top-quality product. This insulating wool differs considerably from traditional glass wool. “DuoBio” insulating wool contains no phenol, formaldehyde or acrylics. The binding agent is based on purely natural, environmentally-friendly organic materials. The fibres are joined together in such a way, that the negative characteristics of traditional glass wool, for example, the accumulation of dust and skin irritation on contact with the glass wool, do not apply to SCHÜTTE’s “DuoBio” insulating wool. When it comes to properties such as thermal insulation, noise insulation, fire protection and recyclability, the same outstanding figures are achieved as with traditional glass wool. SCHÜTTE’s “DuoBio” is ready-made as a two-ply system so that the rolls can be laid without any additional work being necessary. This two-ply insulating wool is primarily used in livestock buildings in combination with ventilated roofing sheets. The wool is covered with fabric on one side to prevent dust sifting through the wool. The two-ply method of laying the insulating wool allows the top-ply to be replaced easily and inexpensively.

SCHÜTTE’s “DuoBio” insulating wool is the perfect compliment to our aluminium ventilated roofing sheets.


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