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Coils of aluminium and steel are the ‘raw’ material for our trapezoidal and corrugated profile sheeting. However, you can even source the coils themselves from us. We maintain a stock of aluminium and steel coils in our warehouse in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses, which we can decoil to the desired weight using our cut-to-length and slitting lines. In addition, we are also able to apply film to either one side or both sides of the coils.
Normally, the coils are used to produce the flat sheet metal for the trims and flashings. The benefits here are clear to see: Material can be taken and cut from the coil as and when needed and the amount of scrap produced kept to a minimum. It goes without saying that you can also source the finished flat metal sheets, trims and flashings directly from us, which saves you time and money.

If you do not have the facilities to work with large coils, we can also produce small coils with a weight of up to 200 kg for you.


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