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Noise in livestock buildings and production facilities results in stress for humans and animals alike. A noisy environment causes a reduction in concentration, which in turn can lead to mistakes being made. These mistakes and their associated costs can be minimised with our LärmStop sound-deadening panels. The quality of the workplace environment can be increased considerably. High levels of noise in agricultural, commercial and industrial premises can be effectively reduced through the use of sound-deadening panels. In such cases, our LärmStop sound-deadening panels with their special sound-absorbing wool can be employed. The noise passes through the perforations in the trapezoidal profile sheets where it is absorbed in the wool with the result being a considerable reduction in the noise level.

The installation of the aluminium sound-deadening panels is very easy. Additional mounting brackets are not necessary. The SCHÜTTE LärmStop sound-deadening panels can be mounted directly on the existing walls. The amount of room needed by the sound-deadening panels is minimal. This means that the production hall remains free and is not blocked or broken up by larger unwieldy sound barrier elements. What’s more, the system is maintenance-free, easy-care and the effect is immediately noticeable.


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